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'I sat and I read.
Watched and waited.
With baited breath and will unabated.

Waiting and watching and hoping,
For something to happen.

But what could I do?
As I watched news unfold.

Stories and images yet untold
I simply looked, but never moved.
Wanting to... simply do.

I wanted to do, to help in some way.
But what could I do, to make waves
In the torrent storm of truth unabating.
In the face of fear of anger and despair.

But I felt thick, so I just sat there.

Wanting to move, to stir, to stand.
Something to create, with my own hand.
To be of use, in a bloodless war.
Where the words are weapons, truth underscored.

Until one day, I stirred and stared.
I said 'Enough!' and then pared
My small niche in this firefight.
Of words and pictures to bring to light.

To bring, to see, for all to know
What is happening here and make a line to throw,

To others who want to pull themselves in,
out of the wailing storm and find shelter within
Those who fight on, who light the way
Like a lighthouse guiding to a welcoming bay.

It's small and not much, but I will follow through.

To help in this fight...

One must simply... do'

Just my thoughts in prose. Yeah, I know. Crappy prose, but there it is.

It's been one year since I started 'The-Chanology-Papers'. A lot has happened since I first started this page.

First, I wanna say think you to all my Watchers. You've really boosted my ego, plus it shows me that I am reaching people with this page. Also, to all of you who faved pages, thank you. I also hope everyone who reads takes the time to comment on what they liked. didn't like, would like to see, etc.

I also want to apologize for the non-updates over the last several months. I had serious computer issues and everything I had was on it, so I couldn't post much other than a few sparse journal entries just to show that 1, I was alive and had not been discovered by OSA (Office of Special Affairs) and 2. that I still gave a damn about this project.

Suffice it to say, as of late, I've been feeling pretty damned useless in this whole mess. The majority of it comes from being unable to update anything of consequence to the page and watching while everyone else was actually accomplishing things. Major things.

Like David Love and his fight against Narconon. exposing it's Scientology connections and it's associated dangers.…

To the expose of how the COS paid PI's a fortune to trail Pat Broeker, a former leader in the 'church'.… and…

Also Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of COB David Miscavige, is writing a tell-all book that is due out in January 2013.…

And quite possibly the biggest news of all... Tommy Davis, long-time spokesman for the Scientology organization, who's lies have been caught on camera (from claiming Disconnection was 'false', then later confirming it was real), who antagonized even  Journalist John Sweeney in the BBC Panorama special 'Scientology And Me'… .... has reportedly 'routed out' of Scientology. Along with his wife, Jessica.

As stated here on the blog of former COS high-up Marty Rathburn…

...' Tommy Davis himself blew with his wife Jessica.   He, being a weaker one, however, returned to 'route out'.  He took the blood money and signed away his rights to communicate the extraordinary measures Miscavige has taken to cover up his crimes against humanity.  Tommy knew me personally and that is one reason why he came across so unbelievable in the eyes of the general public when he attacked me.  He knew damn well he was lying through his teeth on Miscavige's behalf.   Knowing Tommy, and what motivates him, it may be a while before we hear from him.  He strenuously asserts complete loyalty to Miscavige; but we know from his equally strenuous public assertions over the past couple years on behalf of Miscavige, he doesn't always mean what he says.  This we do know, Miscavige has lost a once competent and sometimes effective lieutenant.'

Also; a post from BFG aka ex-Sci Marc Headley, author of 'Blown For Good' , confirms it.…

Though one could certainly argue the 'competent' and 'effective' claim, if this turns out to be true-and those of us who've been following this whole mess from Day 1 have no reason to believe it's not-then to call it a massive blow to Miscavige would be an understatement. Davis has been a MAJOR player in Scientology for years. He's been it's public face for nearly every interview and has consistently defend both the COS and Miscavige, berating those who dared to confront them

Now, it looks like he and his wife have taken it upon themselves to 'quietly' leave. And Miscavige won't dare try to hassle him. Davis knows far too much and could screw him over royally, to put in mildly. So they are, of course, being handled with kid gloves'; they'll be nice and 'friendly' like they have to be in order to maintain their silence.

The question... is whether it will last.

So... compared to all these major blocks of well-deserving, awesome news that are worthy of all the attention-grabbing headlines they are making... this page feels very insignificant in comparison.

Am I going to stop???


So expect to see a LOT more in the coming weeks! Yes, you actually will! Including translations of the 'Disconnect' manga in German and Polish with other languages to follow. Plus also getting ahold of artwork done by fellow Anons to spread the word about what we do.

See you in the days and weeks to come!

Knowledge Is Free.
All you must do is seek it.
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A blank face in a sea of masks
Devoted to spreading awareness of the very real dangers of Scientology... and having fun doing it!

I am very thrilled and proud to help spread awareness on the dangers of Scientology by helping to distribute 'Disconnect', a collaborative work put together by some very talented people. To the artists and script writers and all those responsible for the manga 'Disconnect'; I am honored to work along with you to raise awareness on this destructive group. Keep it up!

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